Tidy Up Your Home With Professional Lawn Care Services in Georgetown, AL

Your lawn is a reflection of your home and family. We’re here to help you maintain it.

We’re Azalea City Lawn Services, and we’re dedicated to providing quality lawn care for residential and commercial clients all over the city.

We have a fantastic work ethic that’s reflected in our beautiful mowing, trimming, and edging work. Our rates are competitive with other lawn care companies in the city, but unlike many of them we offer a free estimate before starting any work so that you know exactly what you’ll be paying at the end of the job.

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Choose From Our Various Services

Lawn care services are essential if you’re looking to keep your lawn looking its best.

Your lawn is a part of your home, and it’s an important one. Lawns can be beautiful, they can be functional, and they can even add value to your property. But without proper lawn maintenance, it will start to look neglected and unkempt—and that’s not good for anyone!

Weed control is just one aspect of lawn care services that should be performed regularly. Weeds are a common problem for any type of vegetation and can quickly take over if left untreated. If you want to keep your yard looking beautiful, weed control is essential.

Aeration is another important aspect of lawn care services. Aeration helps restore nutrients back into the soil so that grass grows stronger roots and becomes less susceptible to disease or pests. One of our top priorities is providing clients with healthy lawns that thrive throughout the year.

Manually taking out existing grass by hand or with machines tends to take hours upon hours of work and may cost you more money than replacing it. Fortunately, we are offering sod installation if you’re interested in improving your lawn with new sod.

Last but not the least, we have leaf removal. Dead leaves build up over time as they fall off trees in autumn—it’s important to rake up these leaves before they turn into mud puddles that can spread disease throughout your yard!

Reimagine Your Home With Our Help

Think of all the time you spend mowing your lawn and maintaining your yard. If you’re like most people, it’s probably more than a few hours every week. Whether you’ve got a huge yard or just a few small patches of grass to take care of, mowing and watering is hard work!

But what if we told you that we could take care of all that for you? Our lawn care service in Georgetown, AL will come regularly and make sure your yard looks great–all at an affordable price. Contact us today at (251) 648-0138 to get a quote on lawn care services!


Fertilization & Weeds

Promote healthy grass growth and get rid of weeds with our help.


Lawn Mowing

We can mow your lawn on a regular schedule to make it look amazing.


Sod Installation

Get a beautifully-green lawn by letting us handle sod installation.



Make your grass healthier by getting aeration service from us.


Yard Cleanup

We can get rid of leaves, handle lawn edging, and much more.


Commercial Lawns

We’ll help you keep your commercial property looking amazing.